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Welcome to Mirror Mirror Beauty Center. Built by Andrea Johnson, with love.


Growing up, Andrea Johnson never experienced an independent beauty supply store with black female ownership. So when she became an adult, she built one… 

As the Founder and C.E.O. of Mirror Mirror Beauty Center in Los Angeles, she curates an inclusive and welcoming shopping experience as she also presents a new paradigm for a beauty outpost. Occupying 1,500 square feet in a desirable stretch of the San Fernando Valley, it houses popular brands as well as products courtesy of independent black entrepreneurs. Powered by a diverse and knowledgeable staff, the store immediately incites trust and enthusiasm from customers, welcoming them as family like any neighborhood staple would. 

“I tried to create a safe space for women to visit, explore, and discover,” Andrea shares. “At the same time, they can feel seen and heard. It’s about women of different backgrounds walking in, feeling represented, and receiving knowledgeable perspectives on beauty. I’d also love for them to know it’s proudly owned by a black woman too,” she smiles. 

During her childhood, Andrea spent summers on the South Side of Chicago with her grandmother. As the only granddaughter, I bonded with mom and grandma over hair and makeup, teaching one another techniques. Making friends in the neighborhood, she became a regular at the local beauty supply store, approaching the staff with limitless interest and no shortage of questions. 

However, she never felt represented. 

“These stores weren’t owned and run by folks in the community,” she recalls. “Moreover, they were rarely, if ever, owned by women. I have some great memories from this time, but it never made sense to me.” 

Back home in Los Angeles, she spent countless hours combing the aisles of various stores just to find the right products. Upon graduation from college, she went from a production gig at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta to Fox Entertainment in L.A. where she worked her way through the ranks as an executive in sports and entertainment distribution and marketing. Over the course of eight years, she developed incredible business and marketing acumen, which she applied to Mirror Mirror Beauty Center in 2022. 

She personally designed the store and handled every aspect of its development. Now, she leads a team of multiple employees and beauty enthusiasts ready to serve the community. In addition to carrying not only fan favorite brands, but the best of the best products, she also sought out fledgling black-owned beauty brands for the shelves that she trusts. Not to mention, Mirror Mirror Beauty Center includes an in-house studio with a bevy of beauty services available from experts. At the same time, it marks a full circle moment as she applies all of the knowledge, wisdom, experience, and love gleaned from her mother and grandmother onto an inclusive beauty hub for all. 

“My parents really allowed me to explore, express, have fun, and learn in the beauty space,” she goes on. “My mom is a huge reason why I’m the woman I am today. For as long as I can remember, she made sure I had a skincare routine and that I understood the importance of self-care from a young age. I’m sharing that.”

With this in her mind and heart, she has ultimately architected a place for consumers to receive the best service possible and another platform for fellow black female entrepreneurs to thrive. 

“For me, it’s about highlighting brands that are founded by black and brown founders and women in general,” Andrea leaves off. “I want customers to feel good about their purchases, feel appreciated, and gain knowledge while they're here. It’s intentionally different from any beauty store I’ve ever been to. It’s about shattering the mirror.”